Behind Evig Studio

Essential values

Evig Studio wants to contribute and inspire a better fashion industry. The wish is to develop and design products produced with consideration for people and the environment. We want to create an alternative and give consumers the opportunity to make "the right choice" without compromising on quality and design. For us, solid and local craftsmanship will always be more important than producing and selling a lot of products.

At Evig Studio, we only work with vintage and leftover textiles. All the textiles are handpicked from around the Danish thrift stores. Each piece of fabric is quality tested to ensure the highest quality of each product that is produced.

About Eternal Studio

Evig Studio was created out of love for textiles, good craftsmanship and an ambition to create beautiful and unique products from discarded textiles. I see opportunities in the discarded textiles that consumers no longer do. From the very beginning, the desire has been to drive fashion to a more sustainable place. Although Evig Studio is only a drop in the big fashion ocean, the company can help inspire the fashion industry and pull development in the right direction.